Ramadan & Beyond

Blessed are we, truly grateful are we, to Allah swt that made us reach yet another month of Ramadan. This month is an opportunity not just to maximise our Ibadaah, or attain immeasurable rewards but to reconnect with Allah in a way that goes beyond. Ramadan will leave, but our Imaan shouldn’t.

This Ramadan, join the awakening convention to understand the essence of Ramadan, and why it comes in our life: not to leave the mosques empty when it’s gone, but to run towards them as if the holy month of Ramadan never left. Not to slip away into the same old routines, but to change our lives. Make it a start, make it a new beginning and leave a legacy to be remembered. For Ramadan & Beyond.

Truly, if any Muslim comes out of Ramadan without gaining forgiveness, and having his heart moved in the direction of his creator, then he has lost.

Don’t let this month leave without healing you. Don’t let Ramadan leave without changing you. For Ramadan & Beyond.