About The Speakers

The Awakening Convention 2022

Ustadh Mohammad El-Zahed

Ustadh Mohammad El-Zahed

Ustadh Mohammad El-Zahed is the Founder and Head Teacher and is also currently directing the Yaseer Arabic Institute, which specializes in Quranic Arabic. It has become one of the most recognized Arabic Institutes in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas.

As a child, he was traditionally trained under his father and other local scholars in the Maliki Fiqh. He is pursuing his PhD from University of Malaya, has a Master’s Degree in Usool al Fiqh and a Bachelor’s degree in Fiqh with highest distinctions from the Islamic University of Madinah.

Ustadh Farhan bin Hasmady

Ustadh Farhan bin Hasmady

Ustadh Farhan bin Hasmady was born in London, UK. In 2010, he started studying in the Arabic Language Centre at Al-Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, KSA for 2 years and later enrolled in the Faculty of Sharia and graduated with first class honors in 2016. He further pursued Masters at the Department of Fiqh & Usul Al-Fiqh at IIUM and graduated in 2020 and is currently pursuing PhD in the same department.

He is also working in the CEO Office of Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) and is a lecturer of Fiqh, Usul Al-Fiqh and Tafsir at Yayasan Ta’lim Diploma in Islamic Studies since 2018.

Ustadh had the opportunity to study under several prominent scholars in Riyadh such as Shaikh Salih Al-Fawzan, Shaikh Abdul Aziz Al-Rajihi, Shaikh Saad Al-Shithri and others.

The Awakening Convention 2021

Sheikh Ibrahim

Sheikh Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu Tahir

Sheikh Dr. Ibrahim Nuhu Tahir is an Associate Professor at the Dept of Economics at the International Islamic University Malaysia.

As a child, he was traditionally trained under his father and other local scholars in the Maliki Fiqh. He was then accepted into the International Islamic University, Madinah. He graduated from the Dept of Shariah at the top of his class with his Bachelors in Shariah and Islamic Studies. He then followed that up with a Postgraduate Diploma (first class of honours) in Islamic Law and Islamic Political Science from the same university only to pursue and complete his Masters and PhD in Shariah and Civil Laws at the International Islamic University Malaysia.

Sheikh Ibrahim is an advisor and speaker for many Muslim student bodies in Universities all across Malaysia, delivering hundreds of Islamic lectures and Dawah programs. He is well known for conducting free weekly classes ranging from Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tafseer, Usool and others, which are attended by many students and lecturers.

He is also the Director and Founder of An-Nadaa Educational Foundation which is working to alleviate the difficulties and fulfill the needs of poor Muslims in Nigeria and elevate them with education.

Dr Ali Albargouthi

Dr. Ali Albargouthi

Dr. Ali Albarghouthi received his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Wilfred Laurier- University of Waterloo Ph.D. Program in Religious Studies. 

His dissertation focused on Ijtihad and reform among Muslims in North America. 

He taught at the University of Saskatchewan and currently heads the Institute for Muslim Research and Progress. He is also the Educational Coordinator, Khateeb, and Instructor at ISNA Canada, and Khateeb and Instructor at Khalid ibn al-Waleed Mosque. 

Moreover, Dr. Ali is the best-selling author of the book ‘Heart Therapy’ and his upcoming book is titled ‘This is Love.’

Sheikh Ali Hammuda

Sheikh Ali Hammuda

Sheikh Ali Hammuda is an educator and a regular writer on Islamic issues to a wide audience. He is a UK national of Palestinian origin. He gained bachelors and masters’ degrees in Architecture & Planning from the University of the West of England, before achieving a BA in Shari’ah from al-Azhar University in Egypt.

He is currently based in Wales and works with Al-Manar (Cardiff) as the English Islamic programmes officer and is a visiting Imām, and also a senior researcher and lecturer for the Muslim Research.

Sheikh Ali is known as the author of several books including ‘Origins of the Mosque of Cordoba’, ‘The End of Times’, ‘The Daily Revivals’, ‘The Ten Lanterns’ etcetera and continues to deliver sermons, lectures and regular classes across the country.

Sheikh Tariq Appleby

Sheikh Tariq Appleby

Sheikh Tariq Appleby was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa.

After completing High school he attended the Islamic University of Madinah to pursue Islamic studies. He completed his Diploma in Arabic and then graduated with a B.A. in Hadith studies.

He is known internationally for his engaging interactive and upbeat classes. He has a stronghold in Quranic Science, Aqeedah and Usul Fiqh plus his in depth knowledge of the Sirah and World History evokes learners to explore and make Islam a life-long learning pursuit.

Sheikh Tariq has taught for a number of Islamic centres in Cape Town, India and Malaysia. He is currently a teacher and trainer at Al-Nawawi Institute in Malaysia and conducts various classes and private tuition onsite and online for adults and children.

Ustadh Shareef El-Arbi

Ustaad Shareef El-Arbi

Ustadh Shareef El-Arbi is of Libyan-American descent and has lived most of his life in the United States of America. He has a Bachelors in Business Administration from the U.S. and an MBA from Australia. 

Ustadh Shareef is an innovative professional with skills in project management, quality management and people management and have more than 18 years of experience in the telecommunications, IT, banking, medical, retail and education industries. 

He has also been blessed to be active with the Muslim youth from a young age. He studied Arabic and Islamic studies in Jordan, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. and is a prominent Da’ie amongst the English speaking Malaysian Da’wah circuit.