Note-Taking Competition

note taking contest poster

For The Awakening Convention, we are pleased to announce a NOTE TAKING COMPETITION!

We pay so much attention to the worldly enjoyments, to the talk of others, to the music of deviation, but how much attention do we pay when Allah is being mentioned? When our beloved Prophet ﷺ is being mentioned?

To not only encourage the habit of  listening in with care to our inspiring talks, but also foster heedfulness and mindfulness so that we can implement what we learn in our lives-we are excited to announce that the note-taking competition is open for all!

We have 19 exciting gifts for our beloved participants-both local and international!

Gifts ranging from insightful books like Rekindle Your Life, Heart Therapy, This is Love to heartwarming Ramadan gift Hampers to 5 pillars board games as well as 3 Typo Bullet Journal will be given to the winners!

16 gifts for the beautiful notes that you submit via Telegram.

3 gifts for the social media : post as much as Pearl of Wisdom (POW) as much as possible

Are you ready to receive? The benefits of our Convention as well as our TAC gifts packed with love!

Tune in to our Ramadan online series of talks & Submit your notes-creative, comprehensive, concise and accurate soonest possible! Submit for any of the lectures you attend, or all-to increase your chances of winning! 

Because khayr must be spread!

We look forward to your effort.

Pay Attention to Allah and He will pay attention to you!

Interested to join?
1. Please register at
2. Join The Awakening Telegram Channel as submission is through Telegram.
Submission will be opened when each session has begun.
To locate submission space at Telegram use this hashtag

Week 1:
#note1 for Session 1: Journey of Love to Allah – Sheikh Dr Ali Albarghouthi 
#note2 for Session 2: The Clock’s Ticking: Will We See Another Ramadan, Sheikh Ali Hammuda

Week 2:
#note3 for Session 3: Becoming People of The Quran – Ustadh Shareef El-Arbi
#note4 for Session 4: Loving him Everyday: Our Messenger ﷺ – Sheikh Ali Hammuda

Week 3:
#note5 for Session 5: The Ultimate Detox: Purifying Our Hearts – Sheikh Dr Ali Albarghouthi
#note6 for Session 6: Salah: The Prophet’s Refuge – Sheikh Dr Ibrahim Nuhu

Week 4:
#note7 for Session 7 – Disconnect to Reconnect: The Best 10 Nights – Sheikh Dr Ibrahim Nuhu
#note8 for Session 8 – Build Your Legacy: Ramadan and Beyond – Sheikh Tariq Appleby

#ReviveYourSoul #RamadanAndBeyond #TAC2021